Jess | 21 | Australia.
Gastric Sleeve
Height: 177cm
SW: 150kg (330lbs)
Surgery Date: 29th April 2011
CW: 80.9kg
GW: 75kg (154lbs)


I feel like you squat a lot. Any booty pics:)?
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maybe when I’m feeling flawless ;)

First of all, thank you for being so open about your journey. For someone like me (maximum weight 127kg - currently 68kg), it is helpful to understand that others share the 'disappointment' of still looking nothing like a 'normal' person after massive weight loss. In a few months' time, I will also have a tummy tuck - here's a question for you: did you lose any more weight after surgery? Did you have problems with loose skin after surgery, or is it quite elastic? Anyway, i send you all my love x
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Congratulations on being so amazing. I’m really happy for you. I did lose more weight. Maybe 4kg? Just toning more than anything. It will never be like someone’s that has never been morbidly obese, but it’s definitely much better than before. I have gained weight now, and are now more than before my surgery, but I’m working on losing it again. A neverending battle. 


Have you ever considered going to therapy? I was wondering how much you think that helps, if you've ever tried. You are great, and I admire you so much!
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I have many times, I have seen people, but at the moment I really just do not have any time. I’m so busy, my world is upside down. Thank you so much :)

What's your job? :)
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I’m not going to tell you who I work for, but I work in television as a Programming Assistant (I look after tapes, feeds and prepping programs to go to air)

Hey, Congrats on your progress! I am sure you have thousands of messages to reply to but please help. I lost 70kg from the gastric bypass and then gained 10kg and I'm 82kg. I need to be 65-70kg but I can't seem to be able to lose that weight. I also had a thigh lift but i have unbelievable cellulite and my skin looks so bad everywhere. I'm 19 and i feel so uncomfortable in my own body. Could you please give me some advice? Love you lots!! xx
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I’m feeling the same problem right now my sweetheart. The initial loss makes you feel so euphoric, and then shifting the last amount is the hardest of all, I’ve been yo-yoing for months now, and I’m looking at recognising my triggers and what sets me off. I don’t believe that you would look bad in any way. I find long distance walking helped with my legs the most. I know it’s an ongoing and never ending struggle, and I know exactly what you’re going through. You’re so young, and I’m so sorry that we’re going through this crap. If I don’t already know you, I’d like to hear your story. <3

hye there. just being so curious . how much does it cost you for doing all those surgeries ?
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I’m in Australia, with Private Health Insurance. I could never give a figure, or even a rough estimate, because each surgeon assesses the extent of excess skin for every individual patient, as well as differing costs etc.

how were you able to lose all the weight and HACE the time for it?
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I lived at home with my parents and was 18 at the time. I had the luxury of being able to stay with them and not work. At the time I was able to do this.

Do you have scars of your OP?
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Yes, all of which are extremely faded now.

Expect an update in the next few days!

Find an article on me in the July 10 issue of Take 5 Australia!

Find an article on me in the July 10 issue of Take 5 Australia!

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Seeing that your page is back up has made my week a whole lot brighter - you were my inspiration, and what I achieved to be at the end of the road when I could finally conquer myself and get healthier. I really hope you understand that, despite the tough times, you still kept at it. It may have been hard but you did it. I hope I can say the same thing some day. :)
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Hey, are you at a point now where you can eat more reasonable meals? I had surgery about 9 months ago and can still only manage a few mouthfuls. Finding my lack of appetite really hard to explain to friends.
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You don’t need to explain a thing. But I understand, I had the same thing! Is it something you are concerned about and need to see your surgeon about do you think?